What Superheros Are Made Of

Ted Williams was a legendary baseball player for the Boston Red Sox. Not only that but he also proudly served in the military. He is the last baseball player to hit a batting average of over .400 in a season. Officially being the LAST player to hit over a .400 batting average by hitting .406. Hitting .300 is a good batting average for anyone. That’s getting a hit 3 times every 10 at bats. Ted Williams in one season, on average, got a hit 4 times out of every 10 at bats.

Think about that. That is getting a hit or a home run almost half the time you step up to the plate. His sister lived in Nashville, TN and Ted Williams would go to visit her. My grandfather lived, and still does, in Nashville and knew Ted William’s sister. He asked her to have Williams sign a ball for me, his grandson.

This was years and years ago. But Ted Williams the baseball player, known as the splendid splinter, signed a ball for me. It is one of my most favorite items I’ve ever possessed. I’ve lost or grew out of a lot of things. But this ball has remained in my possession for almost 30 plus years. Williams said one time that he could see the spin on the baseball from the pitcher’s hand, which allowed him to adjust accordingly.

It was a great thought and gesture that my grandfather thought of me enough to ask of his friend to do what she did for me. I am honored to have the family I do. I am honored that Ted Williams knew of me. I always think amazing thoughts of Gramps, my grandfather. He was an amazing man. He loved me enough to do what he did for his grandson. I think of him when I see the ball. How in a moment of thoughtfulness Gramps became the antithesis of what super-hero’s are made of.

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  1. I always like to bring up baseball batting averages when people are struggling. If they succeed a mere 30% of the time, they’re having a great season. We can temper our expectations, too.

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    1. Fundamentally baseball teaches very basic principles that tend to reflect life sometimes. Every sport really teaches people to come together, cooperate and focus on a task at hand. Not everyone is Ted Williams nor Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods, but we still have to play the game. We have to live and work to become better versions of ourselves.


      1. … And ALWAYS hustle to first lol

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        1. Yes and that too. Lol.

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