See You At Sunrise

Concern afflicts me

for my mental state

here in this room as

I weave tails I create.

I compound little

things I find amusing

to feed what I hunger

and what I am losing.

Peril strikes chords

that bring me whole

to a state I can handle;

emotions I can control.

Fenced in I find myself

walking on top of clouds.

The time it is so late now

that birds sleep has found.

The air in the room is old,

while my sheets cover me,

is circling my head now

and my eyes they do weep.

I have examined papers

I’ve scratched words upon.

Pages and pages thoughts

bleed on them all day long.

Here in the black night

as I draw my last ciggarette

I scramble to find order

and feelings I might forget.

I hear the birds chirp now

and see the light seep in

revealing the texture of

sleepless confined skin.

The paleness reflects

that which is inside in

that which I thought was

figured on paper by pen.

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