I’ll Meet You There

Something wicked

this way it comes;

the night it cracks

hear beat a drumb.

The fell branches

that have fallen fast.

Wafted bent back

has dry green grass.

The world moves so

in such ways it stays

til both you and me

we find our graves.

I am mesmerized it

comfort I have found.

That we shall together

face darkened clouds.

I raise a glass to pain

that will pass so soon.

Beneath the stary sky

the lit shinning moon.

That I should write

in macabre timbre fed

is because I see clear

though the sky is dred.

Dred from a blood

rushing up and down

my frame I the same

hear mortalities sound.

It can be blissful yes

but often more is pain.

That ruminates still

my friend we’re same.

I’ll meet you there it

is a cold place we’ll go

but on our journey we

bask in words a glow.

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