Destruction Of Function

A turn of the hand,

you do so elegantly.

Your power a might

you do it effectively.

May your breath it

cause chaos in sky.

In your wake know

I have not dry eyes.

I stare the horizon I

am in awe hypnotic

that all of you gone

has my mind caustic.

Shall I exude mood,

where it’s not stable,

overcome by a wind;

my strength disabled.

Sour are the solvents,

which keep together

me as I’m tormented

in corrosive weather.

Your destruction a

light in me is gone.

As I reflect on songs

I wrote now wrong.

Everything dies in it,

this reality destroys.

It’s awakened me to

see a failure of a joy.

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  1. Weird that I was suddenly not following you 🤨

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