Spaces I Trace

I try my best to focus on what I must do to maintain who I am as a person. Identity and knowing ones self through introspection and meditation is a philosophy I practice. I try my best to love myself for what I am. I try and fix areas of my life I am unhappy with. I put in an effort to endeavor to be better each and everyday.

I can’t help but dream sometimes of who I’d rather be or who I would want in my life that could encourage me to be true to myself while at the same time making me feel better than I deserve. People who edify and build up others, people who stick with you in the hard times are true friends. I am lucky to have a family who does those exact things.

Yet here, now…I have made connections with people that I would never have dreamed of. People who love deeply and feel those raw emotions of what life feels like in their eyes. Such people are priceless. In life I have experienced love, lust, friendship and comradery that has helped me hold on to the person I have to be to keep from falling into chaos.

I try everyday to make connections with people I admire who have true heart and compassion for others. These people I speak of I have met here, on this platform. And they have helped me from falling down deep chasms of despair.

I am humbled and honored to be amongst you my friends. You have helped me and related with feelings I’ve felt which makes me feel not so alone. For this I am grateful and could never repay the fulfillment you all provide.

I was listening to a song just now I wanted to share. It’s just a song. It has no hidden meaning. It is just a song about life and relationships with a great beat and a woman who has a remarkable voice. Her name is Ester Dean and she provides the vocals in this Afrojack and David Guetta collaboration called “Another Life.”

Things don’t often happen as we expect them to. But that is life and life is unfair. Yet if we perceive of the idea that everything has a purpose, I feel that purpose should be to help, care and watch over friends and even strangers. For we all feel pain as well as happiness. Such things are relatable.

Good night world.