For The Fading Light

The sun’s fading

into far beyond;

dance to its song,

push onward on.

For the tide feel

it wash over feet

where you and a

new day do meet.

A night is over a

shore all yours it

glimmers gold a

serenity feel kiss.

Where there has

been storm wild

goes with a time,

it passes in miles.

What are we to

do inside a chaos?

In our pain sing

tunes for the lost.

Hear it now in a

mind please loose

the sorrow quick;

un-tie the noose.

I would like to express my gratitude for all who support and like what I write and have written over this past year. You all are actually helping me decide whether to take the posts that have been liked the most into a collection for a book.

Never in my wildest dreams have I ever thought I would actually conceptualize doing such a thing. Most likely I won’t. Yet just the thought of such a thing lifts my spirits. I write for self-therapy so that I won’t loose my absolute mind. Which honestly I think I lost years ago to be quite honest.

New Year resolutions include not loosing my mind further. In all actuality I see resolutions as a vehicle conveniently used to help us set all our regrets of this past year behind us. Start anew, fresh and hopeful. You guys give me hope that I had not had not so long ago.

I try and be as honest as I can when I write so it will allow the days and weeks to pass with a little perspective that gives insight as to what I need to address with me. Your support, as I’ve said before, is priceless and precious to me.

Thank you and have a wonderful few days ushering in the new year. Here’s a little Lindsey Stirling to listen to. She is a true artist and if you haven’t heard her before I hope you enjoy her.

Lindsey Stirling – “The Arena”