A Carnal Need

Last night spy,
I did my friend,
places I might
allow sin begin.

Know do not,
you don’t see,
that change it
hangs over me.

No hiding I’ll
start transgress
with you dear for
I know you best.

All of love sung
it does not touch;
no sentiments of
love are enough.

My little lies I
you try soothe
of your heat it
an angry mood.

I want a passion,
a living someone
to sin all day in a
day’s broken sun.

My body wants
your petite neck
for my lips use I
do for full effect.

Call me sinner I
just a man bleed
in places unholy
of a carnal need.


I bid you hello this early morning. I’ve got a busy schedule so I thought I might post this here and see what you guys think of it. Plus I found a pretty cool song from a wonderful band named Machineheart.

I’ve never really written anything quite like this so I can understand if some of you dont like it. But it is a real feeling that everyone inherently shares by way of simple nature. You know, the birds and the bees?

HAVE A Great day!!

‘Stonecold’ by Machineheart