Barrels Of Levity

I had a bright idea.

I will call to see you,

despite what think

you do I try pursue.

But hear me mine,

sweetest of sweetest,

I not damn blind see

I what’s between us.

Torture the devil we

might as well say pray

we do for my love I’ve

something I must say.

I had an idea to share

for me to feel the hair

in my fingers as look

at I you I always stare.

Puzzle of chaos an

audience entertain

the less said sort of

things we abstain.

Yet I could never I

could not bear hurt;

though I get I’m still

a love it I deserved.

Answer to what me

brings me up let me

fill this sacred a cup

where Christ bleeds.

My hands reached to

join the joy of pursuit

as my mind I look up

and down, you’re cute.

I’ve barrels of levity so

let us get to the point.

Take my hand girl we

need discern anoint.