For Angel…

My dear I am

just a decrepit

sad dreamer I

can’t help it.

I beg my God

a recompense

where I feel it

all makes sense.

I am but bone

with a beating

heat from in me

keeps repeating.

Your name I do

now know part

of a mystique it

is such great art.

So real I bleed

eternal cries lit

a want for life

of mine you fit.

Our eyes rise in

earnest to see us

take a look first,

to eyes we trust.

Take my life I

beg of my God;

for want means

I am not so odd.

The balet of life

has brought you

unto my eyes my

beauty it is you.

For I am but an

imperfect hollow

of immersed salt

hard to swallow.

May I be simple

for just moments;

I want to say I do

need atonement.

For I’ve sinned I

desire your smile

that leads me here

as if I were child.