In A Clamor

For my shock,

my last goodbye,

I’ll stop time I’ll

let this lip supply.

Stonecold raged

it echos in shards

the rage enters

in past my guard.

Serious is enter

the glass dance

does our unholy

type of romance.

Slash cut vitriol

it tears at my sin

when I let dark in

this chest again.

So transpire dear

the atmosphere so

for once cold snow

now warmth grow.

The embers slow

burn does a heap

that is gentle here

now an eye weeps.

Again you see me,

my last goodbyes

as I turn to a door

to your disguise.

For my shock I’ll

now leave with it

this cry of love me

now breath evict.

Transpire cut try

stone it crumbles.

In our glade born

was not a trouble.

For your shock in

the end I’ll still tell

how your shock it

strikes sky so well.