Exercise My Hell

Give me something

that is of the real I’ll

rip those pretty eyes

out with my smile.

I know you reach in

your sockets to covet

that which is inside I

think you love it.

You want to know is

a pretty notion I think

I’ll placate you awhile

in assertive loud ink.

I’ll paint it red for you

so you can call it passion

in the palms of a hand

dressed dark fashioned.

I hope your dreams true

come to you in a flight

that tickles all over girl

go get your delight.

I can’t blame the shroud

it suits you so damn well.

My love for the night,

let us dwell in skin’s hell.

Dig deep dear to the bone

as I trip into gear and grab

a thigh and call unto God

of a bliss I now have.

My friends, I wish you a good night. As I drift off, or pass out rather, to the great beyond I rock tonight ladies and gentlemen. I failed to ever mention it but this is an adults only blog. Well, rated R for language anyways. Rock on yo.


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