I Remember When I Loved You

I always got a long

time to tune in song

where I live in beats

that know no wrong.

Covering the hurt in

underneath tan skin

and a slim sort of grin

I reach to satisfy again.

I see your eyes glow

the room that slows

me I try to get to know

where heat will grow.

Alcohol and such is

time for a rush gone

is what hurt us kiss

gone I’ll be right along.

My hands reach for

the frame of the door

where my kiss more

your neck explores.

I was stupid so I stop,

I take in eyes so cross

and go back to so soft

rise your neck aloft.

Rapture a time to slow

and rise heat in snow

I know you once grow

in frost my sun glows.

All these things I knew

where the laughter grew

and under the sky blue

all my love was for you.

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