I Can’t Fly With You

The time goes slow
when you’re in mind.
The world fades as I
try make it sublime.  

Never has all an air
been so stagnant old
in the cracks of skin in
my hands as they fold.

My palm finds a side
of my head as I in awe
turn it to the side now
as I see all of my flaws.

I travel to the center of
a place I’ve never been.
I see all that is wrong,
correct it I can’t begin.

To traverse such miles
on disappointing trails
I find my lungs collapse
and my heart it fails. 

I wish I could be you
who is lifted up beyond
the blue of sky forever
put into someones song.

But my fate is cemented,
I can deal with its place
here in the bowels of all
of bitter made mistakes.

I won’t fly with you now
as I put you into a tune.
I will fade into the back;
turn to black from blue.

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