Desperate Measures

The miles surround me
my day ahead has hours.
Step on the accelerator
cut through rain showers.

The sun bakes my face
and the leather smells
so strong but the radio
in my ear it readily sails.

I play with my pencil I
scratch this and that.
What is this hectic hell
we all must try combat.

Death is upon us child,
the walls they tried go up.
Children lost mothers so
let’s tear these years flush.

We’ll make a ship to send
down into the blue abyss
where deep in the cold we
could discover our kiss.

Let’s give unto the way
the one that taught us well,
the happiness survives
though surround does hell.

I know the marionettes
they sound desperate you
felt the sun burn as well
so I pretend know what do.

Creatures of the shadows
playing an attractive sound
found the wind my love so
flight tonight we need now.

Never break the bonds we
strived to keep between
the decency of our love it
shall not rip at the seems.

Asunder in daylight fade
this flesh of mine hurts too.
But let it not be said where
we burned we as well flew.

I have severed the sunlight
for I have seen all enough.
Know me as a child simple
though rounded little rough.

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