Live Swift Instead

To supply air it is despair
to fight in this cage where
you can find solace there
in the sky high in the air.

If you want to take a trip
I suggest you board ship
this hasty made tide rip
does the cage you kiss lip.

Take your burdens with it
and try to muster onward.
From the seed you planted
like Christ wine conjured.

Anytime these fully flamed
ways your dismay evade
though rancor often stays
still I care not how I behave.

Adore you I do love empty
things this world sends me
as I receive my due plenty
I sleep in warm bed gently.

Walk now the road observe
this slight crooked curve
of some thought out words
that are a little disturbed.

The place where I sleep is
this miss and sent gift miss
all the shinny new objects
that bring me such a bliss.

I want to slip out into air
space outer into the cosmos.
Maybe take your ship we’ll
through stratosphere expose.

My dear friend the brilliant
light it is above me my head.
My dear friend let’s remiss
and let’s live swift instead.

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