For The Seriously Afflicted

Mama said son loosen
the muzzle of your steel.
She said the Lord he
came to us to heal.

But I’m walking in anger
the chrysalis has fallen
to the ground in a heap
of leaves it is crawling.

Lord your shell fell I
am a child in myth dispel
the fictions of a drunk
fallen under her spell.

I like to run full steam
pulled by all of energy
as I take this gasp of air
of a toxin born into me.

I’ll live to die one day
I always tend to say
as I feel myself drift up
far far far away.

Shallow is the pool water
is waist deep and luke warm.
I dive to the depths my
imagination it is born.

Upon my Poseidon I drive
the wind going full ahead.
The storm up north of me
I’ll drift my way instead.

Shall I welcome home her
to my welcoming arms?
Shall I submit myself to
some form of charm?

The ruff side of me is
smooth now and I shine.
I move to the hypnotic
blood down into my spine.

Call it my God mother I
call it my conscience
whatever it is I can say
inside I feel no nonsense.

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