The Afflicted & Addicted

Dear Stars I’ve some time,
dear calm may I try rhyme
this quandry afflicting my
stars I am trying to align.

This specious thunder roll
the death is taking its toll
upon this cumulus patrol
on earth I examine a soul.

I like the sinews of music,
how it reaches in my ear.
I can pound on these keys
with a beautiful voice near.

None have drunk stout cup
of humility it now overflows
where tender an ear hears I
stoke a fire I fear the known.

The capture of my blazen
flame of the dead in head
I’ve kept with me always as
I lay down my heavy stead.

Dear dear here this fruition
has me proud and my afflicted
soul it is now so very still so
a method I find I’m addicted.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Susi Bocks says:

    Hope you are ok, Jared?


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