Includes GIFs by George Redhawk

I use a great many gifs on this site. Typically I pull random gifs from Google images. That was until I stumbled upon gifs created by blind artist George Redhawk.

All written work contained herein is created by me. Yet some of the gifs you see are Redhawk’s. Whom, I stress again, is blind.

His artwork is inspiring and needs to be seen. It is my hope to promote his images and invite you to Google his name and enjoy his vast array of artwork. Artwork that is beautiful, mesmerizing and visceral.

My words could never do his images justice. Simply put, his images inspire me and reach me on a level I can only express with words from my heart.

Thank you for visiting this site where I assimilate a few words with gifs. Hopefully I can entertain, amuse or inspire you.

Yet the main purpose for this site is to express emotion in attempt to exercise that which puts me at ease by delving into the depths of what once were unaddressed feelings that need to be let out.

Thank you again for visiting.